Phantom Cultivar GL250

PHANTOM Cultivar GL250

Phantom GL250 Main Photo
Phantom GL250 Main Photo
Phantom GL250 Front Bottom
Phantom GL250 Front
Phantom GL250 Front Top

PHANTOM Cultivar GL250 LED Grow Light

Product Details

PHANTOM Cultivar GL 250 is designed for those who take their cultivation seriously, regardless of where they grow. The small footprint of the 250W fixture and the true IP65 rating offer nimbleness and flexibility growers need to push the definition of a “grow room.” The 2.5 μMol/J efficacy and the unibody heatsink empower growers to challenge the performance of the next batch. The state-of-the-art Master-Apprentice Dimmer (MAD) function and Two-Step Spectrum Switch (TSS) put the grower in control. The mission has always been the same since 1977: Cultivate Higher.

True 2.5 uMol/J Fixture Efficacy

True IP65 Rated Per IEC 60529

5 Year Warranty supported by American Team

Pay less than $1 per watt

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Real Heatsink, Not a piece of sheet

Experience enhanced cooling with our real unibody heatsink, crafted from architectural-grade aluminum. This design ensures efficient heat dissipation, prolonging the life of your LEDs and optimizing their performance.

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In Control, without the controller

Experience effortless control over your LED grow light with our intuitive Master-apprentice Dimmer function. Easily adjust the brightness of up to four fixtures simultaneously, without the need for an external controller. Plus, our Two-step Spectrum Switch (TSS) offers convenient onboard control, allowing you to seamlessly switch between veg and flower spectrums, ensuring optimal growth conditions for your plants at every stage.

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More Light For Your Light

Get the most out of your lighting with our advanced design that delivers over 100 Maximum PPFD, ensuring your plants receive intense, growth-promoting light. Plus, with a built-in reflector, more light is directed back to the canopy, maximizing efficiency and plant growth. Enjoy brighter, more effective lighting for your plants!

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Designed by professionals who know both cannabis and lighting.


Top-notch performance with an impressive 2.5 uMol/J.


IP65 water-resistant and a 5-year warranty to boot.

Spectrum Control

Easily switch between veg and bloom modes.

Heat Management

Industry-leading heat dissipation.


Onboard dimming and RJ ports for seamless integration.


Comes with hangers for easy installation.


250W of selectable veg or flower spectrum.